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Have you ever wondered if you are reading or writing at the appropriate reading level? Sometimes it is important to know if the books you are reading are actually challenging you and improving your comprehension skills. You can actually calculate the readability of a book, using a special formula.

The Flesch-Kindaid readability formula is a simple calculation that uses things like "words per sentence" and average "syllables per word" to come up with a grade level. Find out how to calculate the readability of your own writing or the readability of a book you are reading. It's a handy tool for improving your reading and writing skills.


July 4, 2009 at 10:10 pm
(1) Mark Pennington says:

Good advice on reading levels. To find out the independent reading level of your child try the following:
Primary teachers have used the “five-finger method” for years. Readers select appropriate reading levels by using the fingers of one hand to count down the number of unknown words on a single page. Any more than five unknown words means that the text is at their frustrational level and another book should be selected.
To update and refine this technique for older students, reading text that has about 5% of the words that are unknown to the reader is the appropriate independent reading level. Reading this level of text will expose most readers to about 300 unknown words in 30 minutes of reading. Learning 5% of these words from the surrounding context clues of the text is realistic. This means that students will learn about 15 new words during a typical reading session. Complete directions at http://penningtonpublishing.com/blog/reading/how-to-get-students-to-read-at-home/
Mark Pennington
MA Reading Specialist

December 18, 2011 at 8:01 pm
(2) Dismas says:

It is my honour to meet the expert in reading skill. I am confuse about how to measure a passage for college students and measure it because i am designing my Computer Assissted Language Testing in narrative Reading skill. I has spent more than a year to figure out the problems i face. In my place, the related references are not many. I have designed the questions and the answers but i have to analyze those too. I have also chosen some passages for my passages. Do you mind helping me to find out the solution of my problems? Thank you before.

One of the students in the Private University in Surabaya

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