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Contextual Spell Checker

By January 9, 2010

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Microsoft Word

The sentence above demonstrates how Microsoft Word with contextual spell checking will underline words that might be used incorrectly. The spell checker will suggest the correct word when you right click on the highlighted word.

While contextual spell checking might sound like an advanced tool, it simply refers to a feature in Microsoft Word 2007 that allows the writer to check for commonly-confused words. If you sometimes type its when you mean it's or your when you mean you're, you could upgrade to Microsoft Word 2007 and take advantage of the contextual spell checking feature.

To enable contextual spell checking:

  • Click on the round Microsoft icon button on the top left of your screen in Word
  • Select Word Options
  • Select Proofing
  • Check the box labeled Use Contextual Spelling


August 27, 2010 at 12:56 pm
(1) carl says:

Contextual spell checker


I would have won if had one!
I would have one if I had won!
I would have one if I had one.
I would have won if I had won.

Even worse

I would have won two if had one too!
I would have one too if I had won one!
I would have one too if I had one too.
I would have won too if I had won one.

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