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When classes get back into full swing, you may be required to write an essay about what you did during the break. This assignment is commonly called the "What I Did on My Vacation" essay. Ring a bell?

This type of assignment can seem really difficult or boring at first. But if you think about it, this "holiday" theme is just the sort of thing that many Hollywood movies have used quite successfully. And it's a great time to share crazy/funny stories about your family! How many films can you think of that center around trips and holidays? There are plenty!

One thing that makes these stories successful is that they usually give us the opportunity to peek into the wacky lives of others. There's often a certain person or event that stands out. Your challenge is to figure out what it was that made your vacation experience interesting or funny and capitalize on that. It could be a silly relative, an inconvenient weather-related event, or an unfortunate (but comical) event. These are the sorts of things that people like to read about.


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