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APA Style

Students may use APA style of scientific writing for projects in the psychology and other sciences. Find out how to make proper footnotes, bibliograhy citations, and more.

Title Page Formats
APA title pages contain the words "running head" and an abbreviated version of your official title. This type of title page is perhaps the most challenging when it comes to formatting.

APA Formatting for Headings and Subheadings
Your APA paper should be divided into sections which contains headings and subheadings. The format for each title must adhere to a format based on a set of guidelines from the American Psychological Association.

APA In-Text Citations
APA style is usually used for writing for psychology and the social sciences. It is similar to MLA, but often uses fewer abbreviations and may include dates.

Style Guide for APA
APA stands for American Psycholigical Association. Students may be required to use this format when writing scientific papers or projects for a psychology class.

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