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Title Page Formats


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Turabian Title Page
Title Page Formats
Grace Fleming
Turabian and Chicago style title pages feature the title of the paper in capital letters, centered, typed about one third of the way down the page. Any subtitle would be typed on a second line (double spaced) after a colon.

Your instructor will determine how much information should be included in the title page; some instructors will ask for the title and number of the class, their name as instructor, the date, and your name.

If the instructor does not tell you specifically what information to include, you may use your own best judgement.

There is room for flexibility in the format of a Turabian/Chicago title page, and the final appearance of your page will depend to a great degree on the preferences of your instructor. For example, the information that follows the title may or may not be typed in all caps. Generally, you should double space between elements and make the page look balanced.

Be sure to leave at least an inch around the edges for a margin.

The title page of a Turabian paper should not contain a page number.

See a full PDF version of this title page.

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