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Bibliography Citation Makers


Citing your work is an essential part of research. Yet, for some students, it is frustrating and tedious work.

There are many interactive web tools designed to assist students when it comes to creating citations. For most of the tools below, you simply fill out a form to provide the necessary information and select your preferred style.

Note: There are characteristics that will make each source unique. Always check your notes to make sure they include all the information you need.

1. Citation Machine

This is a great site for the advanced student, because it offers citations in several styles. You can choose from MLA, APA, Chicago and Turabian.

2. Oregon Public Education Citation Maker for MLA

This tool is great because it offers more choices when it comes to the type of source. That means you can create citations for sources like anthologies, story collection, and web pages. This tool is strictly for generating MLA citations.

3. Recipes for Success Bibliography Maker

Use the Bibliography Maker to format your project references. This tool creates reference notes for books, web sites, interviews, images, music, videos and animation, and more. This tool generates bibliography notes in either APA or MLA format.

4. EasyBib

This is a great choice for students who need to create MLA bibliographies, because this one allows you to create citations for a great variety of sources. It includes things like works of art from a museum, radio shows, and recorded music.

5. Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Citation Wizard

Web pages only! One of the toughest records to figure out on your own is the citation for a web page. This tool is designed to create citations in any style, but it's for web pages only, not print materials like books or articles.
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