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What Is a Flash Drive?


A flash drive is a small storage device that can be used to transport files from one computer to another. They are slightly larger than a stick of gum, yet many of these devices can carry all your homework for an entire year! You can keep one on a key chain, carry it around your neck, or attach it to your book bag.

Using a Flash Drive

A flash drive is easy to use. Once you have created a paper or other work, simply plug your flash drive into a USB port. The USB port will appear on the back of a desktop computer’s PC tower or on the side of a laptop.

Most computers are set up to give an audible notice such as a chime when a new device is plugged in. This is normal.

When you option to save your work by selecting “Save As,” you will find that your flash drive appears as an additional drive.

Why Carry a Flash Drive?

You should always carry a backup copy of any important work you’ve completed. As you create a paper or large project, make a backup on your flash drive and save it separate from your computer.

A flash drive will also come in handy if you are able to print out homework at school. You can write a paper at home, save it to your flash drive, then plug the drive into a USB port on a school computer. Then simply open the document and print it out. Check with your teacher or librarian to see if this is an option.

A flash drive is also handy for working on your paper or project on several computers at once. Carry your flash drive to your friend’s house for a joint project or for group study.

Another reason to use a flash drive is that they are sturdier than floppy disks. A flash drive will survive teenage abusers much more successfully than floppy disks or CDs.

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