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Page Numbers in Word 2003


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Think Like the Computer
Note: This article is separated into several steps. After reading a page, scroll down to see additional steps.

Creating Page Numbers

Editing page numbers is one of the most frustrating and difficult things for students to learn. It seems to be especially difficult in Microsoft Word 2003.

The method may seem straightforward enough if your paper is a simple one, with no title page or table of contents. However, if you do have a title page, introduction, or table of contents and you've tried to insert page numbers, you know the process can get pretty complicated. It's not nearly as simple as it should be!

The problem is that Microsoft Word 2003 sees the paper you have created as a single document stretching from page 1 (title page) to the end. But most teachers don't want page numbers on the title page or the introductory pages.

If you want the page numbers to start on the page where your text actually begins, you'll have to think like the computer thinks and go from there.

The first step is to divide your paper into sections that your computer will recognize. See next step below to get started.

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