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List of Similes


A simile is a direct comparison of two different objects, often used with the words like or as. To create a simile, you think of a thing or process that shares characteristics of your subject. This list of similes will help you come up with your own examples.

Similes That Include "Like"

Many similes are easy to identify because the include the word "like."

  • Her voice was like fingernails on a chalkboard.
  • The delicious smell meandered through the house like a stream.
  • That bed was like a pile of rocks.
  • My heart is racing like a frightened rabbit.
  • The fire alarm was like a screaming baby.
  • Watching that movie was like watching paint dry.

As--As Similes

Some similes are called as--as similes, for obvious reasons!

  • That kid can run as fast as a cheetah.
  • This sauce is as hot as the sun.
  • My tongue is as dry as burnt toast.
  • Your face is as red as hot coals.
  • His feet were as big as a tree.
  • The air was as cold as the inside of a freezer.
  • These bed sheets are as scratchy as sandpaper.
  • The sky is as dark as ink.

Can you think of a really interesting simile?

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