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How to Diagram a Sentence


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Direct Object and Predicate Adjective
How to Diagram a Sentence
The predicate of a sentence includes the part of a sentence that states something about the subject. The verb is the main part of the predicate, but it may be followed by modifiers. Modifiers can be words or clauses.

Students read books.

In this first sentence, the predicate contains a direct object. Books is the direct object of the verb read. The verb read is a transitive verb, or a verb that requires a receiver of the action. To diagram a direct object, draw a vertical line that stands on the base.

Teachers are happy.

The second sentence contains a predicate adjective (happy). A predicate adjective always follows a linking verb.

A linking verb can also precede a predicate nominative, as in the following sentence:

My teacher is Ms. Thompson.

Notice that Ms. Thompson re-names the subject teacher.

To diagram a predicate adjective or nominative, draw a diagonal line that rests on the base.

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