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Top 5 ESL Sites for Students


Learning English becomes a little easier if your lessons are fun. This list of resources includes five of the most fun and beneficial resources available for ESL students.

1. Language Guide

This very cool site demonstrates how to pronounce thousands of words. Just pick a category, point to an object, and listen to the pronunciation. It’s a fun tool to play with, even for native English speakers!

2. Real English

This site is fun! You watch real people being interviewed in English. This is a great example of how students can learn without realizing they are learning. The videos are entertaining because people are pulled off the street and interviewed.

3. The English Learner Web Site

This site provides fun learning tools including a list of easy-to-understand jokes and some recipes provided by students. There is a newsletter sign-up and a list of quizzes for your learning opportunity.

4. Get TOEFL

This site offers free practice for the TOEFL. It includes a listening section, vocabulary practice, and word quizzes. If you're planning to take the TOEFL within the next year or so, you could really benefit from the resources here.

5. Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun

Okay--this site has learning games that look like they are designed for young children, but they are good for students of any age when it comes to learning vocabulary in a fun, entertaining way. It includes hangman, word search, and more.
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