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Ethical Dilemmas for Essay Topics

For Discussion and Debate


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Do you need to discuss, argue, or examine an ethical issue for your class? This list of ethical issues was designed for students. Consider these topics for your next speech or essay.
  • Should teens have plastic surgery?
  • Would you tell if you saw a popular kid bullying?
  • Would you speak up if your friend abused an animal?
  • Should doctors stop medication for terminally ill patients?
  • Would you tell if you saw a teacher change a student's grade to pass him/her?
  • Would you tell if you saw a friend cheating on a test?
  • Should news writers slant a report towards what they believe the people want to hear in order to save a newspaper or news show (and jobs)?
  • Would you tell if your best friend had a drink at the prom?
  • Should football coaches be paid more than professors?
  • Should politics and church be separate?
  • Would you speak up if you heard an ugly ethnic statement at a party filled with popular kids?
  • Should assisted suicides be allowed for terminally ill patients suffering considerable pain?
  • Should a coach tell a sportsman he can make it to the top, when he knows the player will not?
  • Should a student's ethnicity be a consideration for college acceptance?
  • Should parents always tell their children the truth?
  • Is sponsorship of sports unethical?
  • Should computer internet companies secretly gather information about their customers?
  • Should the police be allowed to use bait cars (entrapment)?
  • Is it ethical for TV and radio stations to make false claims in their ads, for instance: the "most music in the morning," or "the official" drive to work station?
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