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Earth Day Essay Topics


Are you looking for an Earth Day essay topic? Find inspiration in this list of assignment ideas. Celebrate the planet and share your ideas, talents, and wisdom.

Earth Day Essay Topics:

  • Interesting Plant Behavior
  • Animals That Help People
  • Natural Medicines
  • Edible Weeds
  • The Life of Rocks
  • Environmentally Friendly Products
  • What is an Eco-Footprint?
  • Weather Patterns in History
  • Trees That Disappeared
  • Extinct Animals
  • Re-Using Everyday Items
  • If I Ran the Planet
  • Earth-Saving Organizations
  • How Long to Biodegrade?
  • Composting Methods
  • The History of Plastic
  • The Impact of Fast Food Restaurants

    Earth Day Projects:

    • Make an Earth Day Commercial
    • Create a Quiz: Is It Biodegradable?
    • Make a Rain Forest Model
    • Make a Paper Mache Planet
    • Make an Energy Saving Pledge
    • Plant a Garden
    • Create a Life Cycle Poster
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