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50 Narrative Essay Topics


In your narrative essay, you will share a story about yourself, your opinion, your ideas, or your response to something. Struggling to find a topic? This list might help you get creative!

  1. When I Got Lost
  2. My Favorite Meal
  3. If I Could Go Back in Time
  4. I Saw the Weirdest Thing
  5. An Animal I Would Be
  6. Something I Wish I Had
  7. If I Could Only See One Color
  8. If I Could Change One Thing About Me
  9. A Place I'd Like to Live
  10. My Secret Place
  11. Something Nobody Knows About Me
  12. I'd Like to Invent This
  13. If I Could Be Somebody Else for a Day
  14. Most Interesting Animal Encounter
  15. You Won't Believe I Saw This
  16. My Hero
  17. My Favorite Weather Story
  18. My Favorite Superpower
  19. If I Were Invisible
  20. If I Were President
  21. If I Could Have Any Pet
  22. If I Had a Million Dollars
  23. A TV Show I Would Make Up
  24. A Job I Hate to Do
  25. The Most Beautiful Thing in the World
  26. My Parents Were Right
  27. My Favorite Toy Ever
  28. A Hard Lesson Learned
  29. If I Had My Own Planet
  30. My Greatest Accomplishment
  31. My Lucky Charm
  32. If I Could Make School Rules
  33. How Embarrassing!
  34. My Favorite Gadget
  35. My Earliest Memory
  36. Under My Bed
  37. The Hardest Thing I Ever Had to Do
  38. If I Could Live in Another Century
  39. This Made Me Laugh!
  40. A Secret Place
  41. If I Could Invent a Holiday
  42. My Secret Talent
  43. The Year 2050
  44. The Greatest Invention
  45. 5 Things I Can't Live Without
  46. 5 Things I Would Give Up
  47. When I Was a Little Kid
  48. Something That Disappeared
  49. The Best News I Ever Received
  50. Most Memorable Trip
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