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History Facts and Terms

Be prepared with these tips and facts that every college freshman should remember from their high school homework.

What Is Historical Context?
It is essential to understand historical context of any event when pursuing the deeper meaning of any event in history. What is the historical context?

Black History Essay Topics
Black history, or African-American history, is full of fascinating stories, rich culture, great art, and courageous acts that were undertaken within circumstances that we can hardly be imagined in modern society. We should resist equating African-American history with Civil Rights history.

Memorize the Presidents
Most of us find that our brains will only retain listed information if we memorize it little by little. This is called "chunking" information. You can memorize the 43 presidents by studying them in five separate chunks.

Interesting Black History Resources
The most fascinating and interesting Black History links and resources are provided here, including links to primary source materials made available through government resources and grants. Learn about sit-ins, Negro League History, and North American slave narratives.

How to Study History Terms
When studying any topic, the goal is to make the information "stick." But the best methods for doing this will differ from topic to topic. When you study terms (definitions) for a history exam, the best way to make the information stick is to understand the term in context, or understand how it relates to other terms and facts.

How to Write a Biography
A great biography includes the basics and a lot more. Find a way to make your paper special.

Weird Units of Measurement
How long is a fathom? How much is a gross? Find out more about these weird units of measurement and their word origins.

The Underground Railroad
One of the most intriguing and fascinating subjects of American History, the Underground Railroad was cloaked in secrecy and marked by heroism.

The Declaration of Independence
Some important facts about our most treasured American document, with a list of the signers and a link to the full text.

The Thirteen Colonies
Can you name the thirteen original colonies? Use this list and a tip to help you remember.

Women's Suffrage
This timeline offers key events in the path of women's suffrage in America.

Tips for Passing AP US History
The AP US History exam is one of the most popular Advanced Placement exams administered by the College Board.

A Student's Guide to the Study of History
This link provides an aid to high school and college students who are either taking history classes or who intend to major in history as undergraduates.

Shrinking Outline Study Method
Students are encouraged to use outlines to study test material. The problem is that students make their outlines too long, and they become ineffective.

Antislavery Movement
Slavery had many opponents from the beginning of American history. Very slowly, individual groups and certain states became more active in antislavery rhetoric and movement.

What Is a Movement?
A movement in history involves the series of actions, thoughts, publications, and organization developments that take place on behalf of a shared value or cause. A movement in history often precedes a change in legislation.

History Class Projects

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