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Don't fear the pop quiz! Improve homework skills with effective time management, strong organizational skills, and informative class notes.
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Introduction to Critical Thinking
Students in high school and college must develop critical thinking skills in order to collect and evaluate information that is presented to them and to make sound decisions and conclusions.

Mnemonic Devices
A mnemonic device is a little phrase or rhyme used as a memory tool by students of all ages. This list includes mnemonics for many common lists or orders that students need to memorize.

Study Skills Assessment Tool
Good study skills can make a big difference in your school performance. Even if you find a particular subject difficult to understand, you will find that being organized and knowing how to tap in to your natural strengths can add valuable points to your scores. Use the assessment tool below to determine your score. Mark each topic with a...

Brainstorming Techniques
Brainstorming is a great way to generate new ideas for a paper or project. Some students are uncomfortable with traditional brainstorming because it feels too chaotic. You can find a brainstorming technique that is most comfortable for your learning style.

Finding a Study Place
Your study environment is important to success. If you don't have a regular place to study, you might be able to improve your study skills by making one. Some students do well studying in their bedrooms, but some students need to be away from the place that's associated with the rest.

5 Bad Study Habits
Have you ever wondered how you can bomb a test after studying for hours? This can be an awful experience, because a poor test result after many hours of faithful studying is a real confidence buster! If this happens to you, it s possible that your current study habits are falling short. The process of learning is still a little mysterious,...

How Does Personality Affect Study Habits?
You were born with unique characteristics and traits. Your personality, those unique characteristics that make you so individual, will impact the way you study and complete your assignments.

Does your mind wander in class? If you can't concentrate when your teacher is lecturing or when you're working on homework, you may need to determine what factors are affecting your concentration.

Auditory Learning Tips - Tips and Advice for Auditory Learners
Auditory learners are those who can enhance the learning experience through hearing. Share your learning tips or read tips from other auditory learners.

Summer School Tips
Summer terms are shorter than ordinary school terms. That means the courses are more condensed. What does this mean for you? Discover some important tips for surviving summer school.

Are You Gifted?
There are certain traits that are common among students with very high intelligence quotients, or IQs. If you answer "yes" to more than fifteen of the following questions, you may be a gifted student.

Improve Your Handwiting
Good handwriting is important for success in school. There are several good reasons to improve your handwriting. When it comes to essay tests,both speed and legibility are essential for good grades, so it’s in your best interest to learn to write neatly and in a way that doesn’t fatigue your hand quickly.

If you're thinking about homeschooling, but worried about getting into college, think again. It took awhile, but college officials have come to realize that homeschool students are among the strongest new enrollees each year.

Shrinking Outline Study Method
Students are encouraged to use outlines to study test material. The problem is that students make their outlines too long, and they become ineffective.

10 Great Study Habits
It is never too late to develop great study habits. If you're starting a new school year, or you just want to improve your grades and school performance, take a look at this list of good habits and start making some changes in your routine.

Taking Class Notes
Good class notes are essential to good study skills. If you study bad notes, it's pretty clear that you won't perform very well on tests. But what are good notes? Good notes capture the most important facts and enable you to understand how every fact fits into a larger puzzle.

5 Ways to Enhance Learning
Are you struggling to recall information when you need it? Resist the temptation to memorize information the night before a test and commit to learning your material for the long haul. Check out these tips for enhancing your ability to learn as you study.

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