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Improve Your Eating Habits

And Improve Your Grades


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You might be able to improve your study skills by changing your eating habits.

There are many studies to show that certain foods affect us in very specific ways. If you’re putting off your homework because you’re feeling tired or you’re having trouble concentrating or remembering, why not try changing your diet?

Eating Habits and Memory

Scientists have found that sufficient amounts of vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) can improve your memory. It’s found in common things like milk, pasta, and bread, as well as liver (try it before saying yuck!) and dark green vegetables.

If a lack of concentration is your problem, try increasing your zinc intake by eating whole grains and sea foods. Bananas are a good source of vitamin B6, which also improves your thinking capabilities.

Why not try adding a banana to your morning routine? You might find a change in your ability to concentrate during that early morning math class.

Eating Habits and Energy

We all know that iron is important for energy. It is especially important that teen-aged girls watch for symptoms of iron deficiency, such as dizziness when standing, fatigue, and feeling cold when others are not. You can find iron in lean meats, peanut butter, or leafy green vegetables. An iron supplement works wonders, as well.

Sometimes the lack of a certain nutrient leads to irritability. How many times have you found yourself too grumpy or grouchy to concentrate? Have you snapped at your friends for no apparent reason? We’ve all been there.

Believe it or not, this can come from eating too much junk food, which is low in nutrients.

If you’re really serious about improving your grades, try a little eating experiment. First, keep a journal of the foods you eat for a week, without changing your diet. Make notes about your mental alertness and your moods.

The next week, skip over the junk food snacks and the fast foods and try snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables and foods that are made from whole grains. Eat lean meats and sea food when possible.

Keep track of any changes in your ability to concentrate and remember things. If you see a significant improvement, it might be time to make a serious life change!

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