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When Mom is the Teacher


Once upon a time, university officials frowned upon homeschooling, and shared the misguided belief that students who learned from a parent and/or through mail-in diploma programs would be ill-prepared for a rigorous college curriculum.

Not any more. It took them awhile, but universities finally realized that many homeschool students are some of the best new enrollees every year, and many are more adequately prepared for college than traditional students.

But is sounds boring, you say? Not so fast:

Homeschooling provides more time for extracurriculars that look great on a college application. While traditional students are bound to the schedule of normal school hours, homeschool students can go to class any time. That can free up time for daytime classes in things like aviation, beekeeping, historical re-enactments, and fashion design.

Homeschool student can travel. Imagine having the freedom to travel with your mom if she goes on business trips to Chicago or Atlanta. Or maybe you’d prefer to go to Paris for a week or two? Homeschooling allows time for travel, and travel offers a deeper understanding of the world.

It gets better. Homeschool students can join study abroad groups from any college, take classes, and earn college credit all at once!

Homeschooling facilitates joint enrollment with community colleges or states universities. Many homeschool students take courses at universities. They have a head start in college!

Students can spend more time on difficult subjects. Students who struggle in a certain subject area can become frustrated if the teacher seems to skip over a topic that confuses them. Especially if all the other students seem to “get it.” Students who study at home can spend more time working on difficult subjects and less time on subjects that come easy.

Students can enjoy a strong network with other students. One of the most common criticisms of homeschooling is that students who school at home miss out on social interaction. Not so! Homeschool students are often busy in clubs, church groups, or other organizations.

If you’ve considered homeschooling for yourself, don’t be discouraged by the bad press you might have heard in the past. Homeschooling is on the rise, and it’s finally getting the respect it deserves.

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