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Visual Learning

Learners Who Understand by Seeing


Have you ever found yourself drawing pictures of a biology process as you studied for a test? This may be a sign that you have instinctively practiced visual learning techniques.

Visual learners are those who learn things best through seeing them. Visual learners often prefer to sit in the front of the class and "watch" the lecture closely. Often, these students will find that confusing information makes more sense when it is explained with the aid of a chart or picture.

Look over the characteristics below to see if they sound familiar. A visual learner:

  • Is good at spelling but forgets names.

  • Needs quiet study time.

  • Has to think awhile before understanding a speech or lecture.

  • Likes colors & fashion.

  • Dreams in color.

  • Understands/likes charts.

  • Is good with sign language.

Learning Techniques for Visual Learners

Best Test Type for Visual Learners:

Diagramming, maps, essays (if you use an outline), showing a process

More challenging test type:

Listen and respond tests

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