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There are Times When You Should Think About It


According to research conducted by the Center for Academic Integrity, cheating is widespread in high schools, and it has been for years.

The report from 2005 states that more than 70% of students surveyed admitted to taking part in some type of serious cheating, and nearly 60% said they had plagiarized from Internet sources.

CNN published

That was the popular rationalization, it seems. But are you really okay with that? Are you sure? Many of those cheaters from past surveys have graduated now.

Put yourself in the following circumstances, then ask yourself again.

  1. You are absolutely dying to get into a college, and you know it all hinges on your SAT scores. The essay portion is scored by independent teachers and counselors.
    What if your scorer cheated in college?
  2. You're going skydiving! Just when you're about to jump, you wonder. Who packed your parachute?
    Is he a cheater?
  3. You have just been arrested for a serious crime, and the highest punishment is life in prison. You are going to be tried as an adult, and you are completely innocent. Your lawyer says "trust me."
    Did he cheat in law school?
  4. You're visiting Chicago and you're taking a tour of one of the tallest new buildings. On the elevator, as you are riding upward past the 75th floor, you hear a loud rattle.
    What if the engineer cheated in college?
  5. You're so happy to be flying to London for a study abroad program! The pilot announces that you're just flying over the coast and heading over the Atlantic.
    Was he a cheater in flight school?
  6. A family member has been rushed into emergency surgery.
    Did the surgeon cheat in medical school?
  7. Your parents have just put their life savings (and your college funds) in the hands of a new accountant. You see him leaving the bank the next day with a smile and a big briefcase.
    What if he's a cheater?
  8. You've received a scholarship offer, but to keep it you'll have to do well on the final history exam. The teacher says the grade will be based on a curve. You've heard that somebody got their hands on the test and shared the answers. What about the other students?
    What if they cheated?
Are you still all that comfortable about cheating in school?

We may think that cheating is harmless, but it's not. Every day we put our lives in the hands of professionals. Wouldn't we feel a lot better if we knew there was less cheating in the world?

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