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Foreign Language Study

What's the Point?


Are you struggling with verb conjugation and wondering why you're putting yourself through this? In truth, foreign language may well be the single most valuable skill you can develop in today's society.

Foreign Language Study is Brain Exercise

When we speak our native languages, we know where to place our verbs and adjectives without even thinking about it. When we study a foreign language, however, we have to really think about what we’re doing.

Foreign language study forces us think about the structure and role of language in a whole new way. This deliberate examination of language gives your brain a workout.

Many students find that their native language skills improve greatly after they’ve learned a foreign language.

Foreign Language Fluency Will Improve Your College Application

Want to really stand out to college officials? Find a way to flaunt your foreign language skills.

It’s true that most students take a foreign language in high school, so taking classes alone won’t do the trick. But learning a foreign language and really putting it to work—that will make you stand out.

For example, you can volunteer to answer phones in your church or local community or you can assist second language students in a nearby pre-school or medical office.

If you don’t like to work with the public, you can translate written work in your spare time. You can definitely use this to impress college officials.

Increase Your Career Opportunities With Foreign Language Skills

There’s no doubt about it: foreign language skills are becoming more and more important in today’s society.

In the United States, Spanish language skills are becoming essential in the workplace. In Canada, French skills are important.

If you think about it, foreign language skills are important in most occupations these days.

  • Academic World: Professors often travel to foreign countries to attend conferences and share research.

  • Business: Global communication is essential in business today.

  • Communication and Media: Your skills will be so valuable to any organization when you can increase communication. You may be interested in translating documents or working on TV or Radio.

  • Education: Just think—you could teach anywhere in the world. Think big!

  • Government Services: Some studies show that 80 percent of government jobs require foreign language skills.

  • Travel Industry: Do you love to travel? With an exciting career in the travel industry you can work and play at the same time!

  • Intelligence/Law Enforcement: Ever dreamed of becoming an international spy? You can—if you study foreign languages.

As you can see, foreign language skills will open your eyes to new sights, opportunities, and experiences around the world. The possibilities are endless!

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