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Art Homework Inspiration


Art assignments are special, because students either love them or dread them--depending on the interests and talents of the individuals. One thing is certain: if you dread art assignments, it will certainly be difficult to find inspiration when you need it. The key to enjoying artwork is to find the type of art that matches your natural talent. Sounds easy, but what will you choose?

Photography is good for those who feel they have no artistic talent. But this isn't a complete pass when it comes to being creative! You have to put some though into photography--taking five photographs of your dog probably won’t cut it, however cute he is.

First you must work to your strengths. Take a good look at your surroundings and pick a subject that will lend itself to your homework project. For instance, if you have a special view from your home (trees, a park, golf course, or even a busy street) take one photo every hour from dawn till dusk. The resulting photographs will be like a time-lapse sequence.

A painting is ideal for someone with a special eye for beauty. Still life subjects can be based on a favorite photograph (always helpful if the weather is bad outside). But you should remember to always look for the unusual. Try looking through a window at a subject on a lawn – a bird table or fountain, for instance. Want to really challenge yourself? Place a wine glass in the window, look through it, then paint the distorted view of the garden or bird table.

Working with modeling clay can be fun and produce excellent sculptures. As with all art work, try to visualize the finished piece as you are working. If you don’t want to spend all weekend on your sculpture, pick a simple subject (choosing an American eagle in flight may be a little adventurous for a weekend project, but the eagle's head has possibilities).

Ideas for art homework are all around, if you can see it, you can photograph it, paint it, or make a sculpture.

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