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Multiple Intelligence Types


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The 8 Intelligence Types
Multiple Intelligence Types

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Do you think IQ tests provide the best indication of intelligence? You may be surprised to know that some scientists don't think so.

These tests can provide important feedback on some types of intelligence, but they do not address all types of intelligence. 

As a matter of fact, one scientist came up with a new theory about intelligence more than twenty years ago. Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University proposed that people were much more complex than standard testing suggested. He argued that traditional intelligence tests favored logical and mathematical people, but that different people had different strengths.

The intelligence types were:

  1. Linguistic and verbal intelligence: people scoring high in this category may be good with words
  2. Logical intelligence: people scoring high in this category may be good with math and logic
  3. Spatial intelligence: this type of intelligence is helpful for navigating and "finding your way"
  4. Body/movement intelligence: people scoring high are coordinated and good with activities
  5. Musical intelligence: this type of intelligence indicates people who are good with rhythm
  6. Interpersonal intelligence: high scorers in this category are good with communication
  7. Intrapersonal intelligence: these high scorers are good with contemplating and analyzing things
  8. Naturalist intelligence: people who score high in this area are especially adept at understanding the natural world


You can read more about each type and discover your own strengths on the pages that follow.

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