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Multiple Intelligence Types


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Linguistic and Verbal Intelligence
Multiple Intelligence Types

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Good With Words


Do you keep a journal? Do you plan to write a novel one day? How many of the traits below fit your personality?

People who are good with words may have a natural type of intelligence in linguistics. This includes people who are naturally talented when it comes to building a great vocabulary and understanding sentence structure and grammar.

Count the characteristics that seem to describe you well. If you count more than four, you score well on this type of personality. Remember you can be strong in several intelligence types!

  • You are a good writer
  • You're good with crossword puzzles
  • People say you "have a way with words"
  • You tell good stories
  • People say you're funny
  • You like to debate or argue
  • You explain things well
  • You have a great vocabulary or enjoy learning new words and their origins
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