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Discover the ABC's of GPA's. Whether you're concerned about graduating with style or going Ivy League, it's important to keep a close watch on your grade point average. Find out how to calculate your own GPA and determine which grades most colleges consider.
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Surprised by a Bad Grade?
Have you ever been shocked by a bad grade on an essay or a research paper? We put so much time into our writing, it is hurtful to see a bad result. So what steps should you take next?

Study Habits for Middle School Students
Middle school is such an important time for establishing good study habits! This is a time when students will establish habits that make a difference in years to come.

Student Self-Assessment
Do you have high hopes for an exciting and rewarding college experience? At the end of every school year, you should reflect on your academic performance to determine whether you’ve lived up to your potential.

Talk to Your Teacher
The last thing you want is a bad grade on a paper that took a lot of hard work and time. What a nightmare! If you don't understand an assignment, you might do the assignment wrong! To be successful in school, you have to make sure you know what assignments you're supposed to complete and exactly how and when you're expected to complete each...

Sixth Grade Goals
Sixth grade is the first middle school grade in many school districts. This grade brings many new challenges! Explore the concepts and skills listed on these pages to learn many of the learning goals for sixth grade.

Preparing for Middle School
Changes that take place when you start middle school occur in the classrooms, but some changes also take place in your head! Find out how you and your family can prepare for the exciting and challenging times to come.

High School Expectations
Are you wondering what might be expected of you when you enter high school? This overview of high school expectations in math, history, English, and science will give you a head start.

Repeating a Class
If you are repeating a class that you’ve attempted and failed, there are a few strategies for achieving success the second time around.

Taking Lecture Notes
Anybody can take lecture notes. But it's not always easy taking lecture notes that make sense a month later, when you're studying for a midterm! As you progress from high school to college and into graduate school, you'll find that your lectures can get much more complex.

Are AP Courses Worth It?
You are never wasting your time in a great learning experience. But there may be times when you are doing extra work that isnt going to lead you to a great college or an earlier graduation date.

Raise Your Hand in Class
You'd be surprised how much the teacher's perception of you can affect your grade. If a teacher thinks you're really trying to do well, he or she might be more willing to give you the benefit of the doubt when your grade is borderline. By raising your hand in class, you're showing the teacher that you really care about your classroom performance.

Dropout Factories
Good students who attend poorly-funded schools with high dropout rates schools (dropout factories) face an uphill battle when it comes to getting into college, since they are technically competing with students at safer, more affluent schools.

Types of Tutors
The first step in finding a tutor is determining where and why you are struggling in your studies. The next step is deciding how to work the proper type of assistance into your family budget.

School Report Cards
Under No Child Left Behind (NCLB), schools and school districts are measured on whether the students meet certain performance benchmarks. Schools receive report cards, and those that do not meet the achievement standards for two consecutive years are deemed high priority. You can find your school's report card here.

Bad Grades
You just found out that you're getting a bad report card grade or flunking a course. Now how do you tell your parents? How can you avoid this in the future?

How to Run for Student Council
Are you thinking about running for student council? Trying to weigh up the pros and cons? The actual rules will differ a little from school to school, but these tips might help you decide if student council is for you.

Improving Bad Grades
Have you received a bad grade that you didn't expect? Are you hoping to improve your grades? Whether you're facing a final exam or you're looking forward to next year, there are ways to improve your grades.

High School Diploma Types
What should you consider when choosing a high school diploma track? What are the hazards or benefits of choosing certain diploma tracks? Learn more about diploma types to avoid a costly mistake.

What Are Core Classes?
Most colleges will calculate your grade point average using only core academic classes. These include courses in math, English, social sciences, and science.

Bad Grades
Grades are important when it comes to certain goals and dreams. Your grade point average can open doors - or limit your options.

Word Search Puzzles for Grade 5
This list of word search activities provides study tools for fifth grade students. Find a list of U.S. presidents' names, a list of interjections, a list of famous Native Americans, and more.

Calculate your GPA
Tool for calculating grade point average.

How to Stay Awake in Class

How to Stay Awake in Class

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