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Sixth Grade Goals


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Sixth Grade Math Goals

Sixth grade is the first middle school grade in many school districts. This grade brings many new challenges! Explore the concepts and skills listed on these pages to learn many of the learning goals for sixth grade.

By the end of the sixth grade, students should be able to understand and perform the following activities.

Understand the concepts of mean, median, and mode.

Understand ratios and proportions.

Be able to compute problems ofretail math percentages in order to calculate discounts, tips, and interest.

Understand pi and know the definitions for circle, circumference radius, diameter, and area.

Be familiar with area and surface formulas.

Be able to find the greatest common factor.

Apply order of operations correctly to solve expressions.

Determine the least common multiple and the greatest common divisor of a whole.

Use a scientific calculator.

Convert one unit of measurement to another.

Solve word problems concerning average speed, distance, and time.

Be familiar with terminology and measurements related to angles.

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