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Success at School


Your homework assignments won't make much sense if you don't pay attention in class. Learn how to take notes that make sense when you get them home, and find tips for acing your next exam. Classroom performance is essential for academic success!
  1. Taking Notes
  2. Surviving Tests
  3. Student Profile
  1. Road to Diploma
  2. Emotions and Stress
  3. Outside the Classroom

Taking Notes

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Have you ever tried to review a semester's worth of biology notes, only to find gigantic gaps and holes in the information? That's just one of the problems that can occur when you don't establish good note-taking habits. You'll perform much better on tests once you learn to take sensible notes in the classroom!

Surviving Tests

It's test day! The alarm is ringing and your stomach is churning. You've studied until your head aches, so what can you do now? Proper test strategies can make all the difference between passing and failing a test.

Student Profile

To be a successful student, you must have a plan. Do you know your learning style? Are you holding yourself back or stressing too much? Learn to set goals and stay on track using a few of these tips and assessment tools.

Road to Diploma

Your path to graduation day can be bumpy or smooth. Find the right tools to be the most successful student you can be! Make sure you're on the right diploma track and take advantage of every resource at your disposal.

Emotions and Stress

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It's not easy being a teen. Sometimes we don't pay enough attention to things we can't see--like peer pressure, personality conflicts, family troubles, and other things that cause stress.

Outside the Classroom

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Some of our best learning experiences come from outside the classroom. We learn a lot by sharing and discussing!

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