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Diligence can be defined as the persistent and determined effort to complete a task. People with diligence are persistent and unrelenting in a task.

Diligence is a necessary quality in school success, as students with diligence don't give up when they encounter a hurdle; instead, diligent students find a way to overcome obstacles that appear to stand in the way.

Why Is Diligence Important for Me?

Diligence is one of the key ingredients for success in school, but it's also important for success in life. It's important to understand the need to complete small tasks, because people who don't follow through and complete small tasks are those who don't finish big things that take persistence over a long time - like high school and college!

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Pronunciation: DILL - uh - jens
Also Known As:

  • persistence
  • determination
  • stick-to-itiveness (informal)

Rochelle won the spelling bee because she studied her word lists with diligence.

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