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Microsoft Word 2010 Tutorial


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Page Numbers in Word 2010
Screen shots used with permission of Microsoft Corporation
Screen shots used with permission of Microsoft Corporation

If you are upgrading from Microsoft 2003 to Microsoft 2010, you will find that inserting page numbers has become much easier to do.

To insert page numbers:

  • Go to the INSERT tab and click
  • Select the location placement (as in top right or bottom center)

The page number is inserted and your typing cursor has moved to the space right before the page number. This happens so that you can type your name before the page number if you want to. This is proper for some styles and preferred by some instructors. He or she will let you know where your page numbers should go and what they should look like.

The page number has been inserted in an area of your page called (either) the HEADER or the FOOTER. To get your cursor back to the body of your document, select CLOSE HEADER AND FOOTER from the menu at the top of the page.

Notice that you may start your page numbers on any page; you don't have to start on the first page of your document.

This is handy if you want your document to start with an un-numbered title page.

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