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Kid-Safe Search Engines

Don't Be Shocked by Search Results!


If you've ever been shocked by search results, you know that the most innocent search attempt can generate some pretty ugly results. There are many search engines designed just for kids, so the searches will turn up sites that have been approved by teachers, librarians, and editors.

1. KidsClick

This site contains web links collected and suggested by librarians. It is owned by the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at Kent State University and provides a searchable directory of websites created specifically for kids. Kids can search by subject or reading level.

2. The Awesome Library

Resources that are generated through The Awesome Library have been reviewed and deemed kid-safe. Additionally, parents can find a directory of parental control tools that provide an extra degree of security.

3. Dmoz Open Directory Project

A “human-edited directory of the web,” the Open Directory Project catalogs web sites that are kid-friendly. If you’ve ever come up with shocking search results, you’ll appreciate this site which was developed to provide a safe and shock-free place for searching the web.

4. Google Directory for Kids and Teens

Google Directory is essentially a Google site that enables users to search by category. The Kids and Teens directory is a Google-boosted version of the Open Directory Project, which means the sites are safe and the searchability is enriched with Google technology.

5. Yahoo for Kids

Originally called Yahooligans, this site is designed as a safe search engine where kids aged six to twelve can find kid-friendly web sites, as well as games. The site links to more than ten thousand resources that have been reviewed by Yahoo! editors.
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