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What's the Latest? Book bags, notebooks, calculators, and more. From essentials to fun gadgets, find items that enhance your high school experience.
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Middle School Supplies List
Have you ever considered how middle school supplies may be different from the tools you used in elementary school?School supplies are a critical factor is school success.

Gifts for Teachers
Love your teacher? Looking for a few good gift ideas? Check out this list of gifts your teacher will love. You'll find something for every personality, from fashionista to survivalist.

Organization Tools for Lockers
Are you in a frenzied rush between school periods? Stay organized for school with hanging locker organizers. Find what you need quickly and easily!

5 Ways to Use Color Coded Note Cards
The best schools supplies are those that serve many purposes and don't break the bank!

Fourth Grade School Supplies List
In the fourth grade, students begin to establish a foundation for developing research skills, writing skills, and critical reading skills.

Visual Organization Tools
Visual organization tools are simply charts and drawings that you can use as you study any topic. As you sketch out and review your information in these visual tools, you will reinforce the information and perhaps recall it more readily during an exam.

Decorate Your Locker
Your locker is your personal space at school, so why not personalize with some colorful, playful decorations? Or, you may want to show your school spirit with an NCAA magnets. You're special, and your locker should reflect your personal style!

Do You Have a Tip for Saving Paper?
Let's save the world! We can cut down on paper waste by sharing our ideas for saving paper. Do you have a great tip for saving paper? Can you make a classroom greener?

Practice Test
Practice tests are great for studying, but it can be a lot of work to make up a practice test again and again. Follow these directions to create an inexpensive tool for turning your practice tests and study guides into reusable, dry-erase sheets.

Create Your Own Notebook
Are you tired of the same old designs and options when it comes to schools supplies? Create your own notebook and express yourself. If you have an artistic flair, or if you just like to make a statement, you can create your own personalized notebooks for school.

Sleep Solutions for Roommates
Many studies have shown that a good night's sleep is essential for student success. Don't underestimate the importance of good sleep habits when it comes to doing well in class. If you're not getting enough sleep, or if you share a room with a roommate with crazy habits, check out these sleep solutions.

Cell Phone Tips
It's hard to find a student without a cell phone. Good or bad, they're a permanent fixture for most teens. But did you know that the cell phone can actually be a handy device for aiding in homework and studies, and it can be a great safety feature, as well!

Microsoft Student 2007
Microsoft Student 2007 is easy to use and it does provide tools for improving student success, but it comes with a hefty pricetag.

School Supplies on a Budget
Parents and students feel the pressure when it comes time to buy a new stock of school supplies. Students want what's new and popular, while parent want to stick to a budget. Sometimes you can find a way to make everybody happy.

School Supplies List
The most successful students are always prepared to complete any assignment as soon as it's given. This list provides suggested materials for students in grades ten through twelve. It's a handy list of items you should keep in your bookbag or at home.

College School Supplies List
Looking for a college school supplies list? This list goes beyond the usual list, and details must-haves for your backpack and your dorm room. Find a list of tools and some ideas for using them--to get the most out of study time.

School Planners for Girls
Some girls just want to have fun while rocking their homework! Enjoy beautiful but sturdy designs when you choose from this selection of fashionable planners for girls.

How to Pick a Planner
You may be tempted to buy the first planner you see, based on design--but that might not be such a good idea. The school planner is an important part of your potential success as a student, so the planner that you choose should fit your purpose and your taste. Otherwise, you might not use it—and that spells trouble! This list contains features that might make a big difference when it comes to …

Best Laptop Desk for Students

Should I Buy That Gadget?
Some gadgets and student supplies really delver what they promise. Others disappoint us--which is really upsetting when we've spent a few hundred dollars for them. Find out which supplies and gadgets are really helpful for students, and which you might want to pass over.

How to Pack Your Book Bag
Heavy, lopsided book bags and backpacks can lead to serious pain and damage. Reduce the load by coming up with a system for packing your bag with essential items.

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