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Sleep Solutions for Roommates

Sleep Well for Better Grades!


Many studies have shown that a good night's sleep is essential for a student's success. Still, many students don't recognize the importance of good sleep habits when it comes to doing well in class. If you're not getting enough sleep, or if you share a room with a roommate or sibling who keeps crazy hours, check out these sleep solutions.

1. Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SA-SB1000 - with Bed Shaker

It makes noise, it shakes your bed, it even flashes the light. What more do you need? If you're a heavy sleeper, you might want to try this product. If you have a roommate and you need to wake at separate times, you can also turn off the sound and use the silent bed-shaker function.

2. Dreamate Sleep Aid

Too wired to fall to sleep after studying? The Dreamate slips on your wrist and goes to work, using a silent, gentle acupressure technique to relax your body. It helps your body to fall asleep naturally and silently, so it won't disturb a sibling or roommate.

3. Opulence Fashion Sleep Masks

These comfortable, fashionable, washable sleep masks block the light when your roommate is reading or watching TV late into the night. Masks come in several attractive colors and include earplugs and a small storage compartment.

4. Blackout Draperies

If you have campus lights shining through your window, or if you need to catch some Z's in the middle of the afternoon, you can enjoy complete darkness with these light-blocking draperies. These heavy-duty drapes also help reduce noise and insulate against heat and cold.

5. Music for Efficient Sleep

If you're sharing a room and your sibling or roommate insists on making noise at night, try canceling out the disturbance by playing these soothing, sleep-enhancing tunes. Just slip the CD into your player and put on some headphones. Music by the Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra.
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