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Backpacks for Techie Teens


Feel lost without a laptop? Suffer separation anxiety when you wander too far without your iPod? These backpacks are great for students who love to stay connected. There are lots of backpacks out there, but there are certain features you should look for if you plan to travel with your techie gear.

*Bags typically contain a compartment that holds a computer up to 15 inches.

1. DAKINE 101 Computer Backpack

This bag has compartments for an iPod case, a cell phone, CDs and DVDs, and a laptop of course! It also includes a molded sound pocket and cord port so you can listen to your tunes as you walk from class to class.

Should straps are nice and comfy. Lots of room here.

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2. The Columbia Umatilla Cyberpack

This pack offers a side-loading laptop compartment with extra padding to keep your notebook snug and safe. There's a pocket for your MP3 player, too.

There's plenty of space for extra gear in three front pockets and extra spots for water bottles on each side.

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3. Jansport Alt iPod Wired Laptop Pack

This is the ultimate backpack for up-and-coming geeks. This one boasts Bluetooth technology, which means your iPod can work with your Bluetooth-ready cell phone. Don't worry, there are lots of pockets for other stuff, too.

It also comes loaded with many extras, like a rain cover for your toys and gel-filled shoulder straps. If you don't mind paying for comfort and security, you should check out this extravagant model!

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4. DAKINE Campus Backpack

Space for everything here! There's a compartment for your computer and a large inner space for your books. A front organizer holds pens, pencils, and other small items.

Getting parched between classes? This one has a cooler pocket that holds several water bottles or cans.

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5. Columbia Science Park Cyberpack

If you carry lots of geek tools, this might be the backpack for you. There's room for laptop, books, notebooks, day planner, lunch, and more!

It offers an MP3 pocket and water bottle slots on the sides. The padded straps are comfortable –but they are a little narrow compared to other bags.

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