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Science homework is different from other types of homework. Discover strategies for retaining information you read and scoring well on science exams.
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Make a Solar System Model
You can make a solar system model out of many types of materials. The one thing you should keep in mind is scale; you will need to represent the different planets according to differences in size. You should also realize that a true scale will probably not be possible when it comes to distance. Especially if you have to carry this model on the school bus!

Solar System Models
Have you made a model of a solar system? You can have fun learning about the solar system by creating and sharing your own design. See pictures of solar system models or submit your own photographs!

Fourth Grade Science
Fourth grade science is typically divided into sub-categories of physical science, earth science, and life science, which is sometimes called biology. You can use the questions below as a guideline for previewing the fourth grade, or as a parents’ guide to monitor competency and progress.

Food Chain
A food chain is the mode for survival within an ecosystem, and the chain involves the interaction between species, as in one species consuming or “eating” another.

National Competitions in Science and Math
There are many national competitions for high school students interested in math, science, and engineering. Students can learn so much by participating in these events, but they also meet influential people, visit great colleges, and earn great scholarships!

Biology Resources for Students
Biology students: are you getting frustrated trying to find quality homework help? Need a site that provides good information about biology? This list of Top 10 Biology Sites will help you sort through the tangle of information!

Global Warming and Climate Change Resources
Global warming research can be daunting and confusing because of all the scientific terms and theories involved. This list of resources will provide all the definitions and explanations you'll need to write a great paper on the topic of climate change.

Writing a Science Paper
Science writing is more straightforward and concise than other types of writing. Avoid using clever, flowing, or poetic phrases in your science paperyou can save all that for your literature classes. Dramatic or emotional statements sound out of place in science class. Dont worry--you can use factual statements and still write an interesting,...

Bigger Than a Trillion?
Have you ever wondered what number comes after a trillion? How many numbers are there in a Vigintillion? Find out and you can impress your friends and your teacher.

How to Write a Scientific Name

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