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Science Fair Projects

Make your science project more interesting with these ideas you won't find anywhere else!

Your Science Fair Story - Share Your Science Fair Story
Was your science fair project a big hit or a big flop? Was the judging a delight or a big nightmare? We'd love to hear your story. Other students can learn a lot from your experience!

Science Projects
Did you have a great science fair experience that you'd like to share? On the other hand, maybe you tried an experiment that ended up in disaster! If you would like to share your science project idea, fill in the information and send it in.

How to Prepare for an Interview
There are many reasons you could find yourself sitting in an interview chair during your high school years. In most situations, these interviews will take place when an adult is making a very important decision about your future.

Planning a Science Project
Science fair projects and displays can be fun and rewarding. Discover the basic methods for conducting your research and designing your display.

Choosing a Science Fair Topic
Trying to find a science fair topic? There are several things to keep in mind as you narrow your choice. Most importantly, you'll want to find a topic you really like, because you'll be spending lots of time on this project. Make your science fair project a success, with a topic that suits your personality.

Finding a Science Mentor
Do you love science? Is the science fair project your favorite assignment of the year? If so, you may want to use this method for finding your own science mentor. It could pay off when it comes to college admission!

Science Fair Topics: A Race Car that Drives Upside Down?
Do you love sports but not science? Is there a science fair deadline looming in your future? If so, this might be the solution for you. Put your sports knowledge to work and let a little known fact about racing, baseball, or football work for you.

Choosing Poster Paints
There are a few factors to consider when searching for a good poster paint for your project. Safety may be the number one priority for many...

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