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Student Leader Types


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Charismatic Leadership
Student leader types
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A Charismatic leader is one who provides an environment full of energy and positive reinforcement. If you are naturally charismatic, you are very fortunate! This is a trait that is not so easily learned.

Charismatic people are just fun to be around and they make you feel good when you're in their company. 

Charismatic leaders are never boring; they inspire others and encourage them to be their best. Employees and group members want to impress a charismatic leader, so they work hard and strive to succeed.


Pitfalls of Charismatic Leadership


Under charismatic leadership, group members may view success in relation to their leaders. A major problem with charismatic leadership is that group success tends to hinge on the leader. The charismatic leader is the glue that holds a group together. So what happens if the leader should have to step down or transfer? Normally, the group dynamic will fizzle and individual members will lose enthusiasm.


When Is Charismatic Leadership Most Useful?


Charismatic leadership is great for short-term projects. As long as you are working on a task that can be completed in a semester, you don’t have to worry so much about your group falling apart with the loss of leadership.

Charismatic leaders are great for projects that require energy and talent. Drama assignments, writing assignments, sports-related tasks, art projects—these activities could be very successful when led by a charismatic person.

Can charisma be learned? Charisma is a special quality that some people possess which serves as a people-magnet, of sorts, but it is really made up of many traits.

One of the most important elements is self-confidence. People who appear confident instill confidence in those around them. Because a self-confidence can come with age and experience, it stands to reason that charisma can be developed over time. 

Another element of charisma is great communication ability— and that starts with a strong and effective vocabulary. This can also be developed over time.

It would be a great idea to build upon those elements to make yourself as charismatic as possible! People with charismatic personalities can go very far in life.

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