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Free Tools to Organize Your Study Group


Trying to organize a group project? It's difficult to get everyone organized when working on a project, but there are free tools that can make your task a little easier. This list of online tools includes an online calendar and a web-based organizer where you can store documents, share calendars, keep to-do lists, store images, and post files.

1. Backpack

This is an online organizer where you can store documents, share calendars, keep to-do lists, store images, and post files. This tool is used by many large organizations for a fee, but free service is provided for groups of two (there’s a charge for three or more users). If you are working on a team project, you may find this to be the perfect answer. You must be at least thirteen years old to sign up.

2. Yahoo! Calendar

The best feature of this tool is its compatibility with teen life. All you need to get started is a Yahoo! email address. You can set up a calendar to send you and your group members IMs or text messages as reminders. If a project member is chatting online or playing a game, he or she will receive a Yahoo reminder to get busy on that project! On the phone? Expect a text message reminder. Simply plug in the information and share a group calendar. It’s great!

3. Meeting Wizard

It can be so difficult to agree on a time and place to meet with your study group. Meeting Wizard really makes planning a little easier. You type in the email addresses of your group members and come up with several possible meeting times. The Wizard will send emails to your members, enable them to select a good meeting time, and provide an easy-to-use report. You simply select the best meeting option (based on member responses) and go!

4. Google Docs

This free web-based word processor and spreadsheet will enable you share and collaborate online. Each member has the ability to view, change, or edit a group paper. The tool will track and report all changes (in case you want to overrule somebody). Great for group reports!
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