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Whether it's a small study group or a large class project you're working on, you will have to develop skills for working with other students. Learn to be an effective leader as well as a good worker bee!

How to Pick a Study Partner
Many students naturally think of a best friend when it comes to picking a study partner. But this isn't always a good idea!

Picking Teams
You can spice up your presentation or classroom activity with interactive games. Sometimes you'll find it necessary to choose teams in your activities. Here's a fun way to choose teams.

Group Project Organizer
We all know that group projects can get out of control quickly. Everyone has different habits and work ethics, and every body has his own idea about what the outcome of the project should be. This tool will help you keep your group under control and on track.

10 Reasons to Have a Study Partner
Studies show that you can learn more when you learn with a partner. Discover 10 ways that you could benefit by studying with a friend.

Study Group Tips
Many students get more out of study time when they study with a group. Group study just gives you more opportunity for comparing class notes and brainstorming potential test questions. If you are facing a big exam, you should try studying with a group. Use these tips to make the most of your time.

Would A Study Group Improve Your Grades?
College professors often encourage students to study in groups. Why? Group study improves old habits and expands students' perspectives.

Classroom Etiquette for Students
Do you work well with others? Your behavior in the classroom and in group work can have a serious effect on performance and grades.

Icebreakers for Study Groups
If you're meeting with a new class or study group, you might be worried that nobody will speak up when it comes time to make introductions. By using one of these icebreakers, you're sure to get your group talking. You might even find out some things that will astound and amaze you about your own group members!

Icebreaker - I'll Never Tell!
This icebreaker is sure to get some laughs and to build confidence and self-esteem at the same time. What embarrassing things will your group members reveal?

Icebreaker - Wanted Poster
If your group is charged with building or making something that involves artistic talent, you can learn a lot about strengths and weaknesses of your team with this icebreaker.

Chain Reaction Icebreaker
If you need an icebreaker for a very large group, you can use the chain reaction game to get to know your members a little better. You never know what secrets you might uncover.

Icebreaker - Totem Pole
Is your study group competing with another group? If so, you might want to start off with this icebreaker that creates a bond and helps to establish a group identity.

Icebreaker - I Have a Confession!
Do you really know your study group? If you want to get your study group off to a great start, you can begin with a fun icebreaker. Find out what secrets your group members might have locked up deep inside them!

Free Tools to Organize Your Study Group
Trying to organize a group project? It's difficult to get everyone organized when working on a project, but there are free tools that can make your task a little easier. This list of online tools includes an online calendar and a web-based organizer where you can store documents, share calendars, keep to-do lists, store images, and post files.

Student Leadership Styles
Are you a student leader? There are many ways to categorize leadership styles. Most people can blend different types to coordinate with the specific task or group of people at hand. Each situation calls for different approaches and requires some thought before deciding how to be an effective leader. Try to use whatever approach feels natural and works best for the group as a whole.

Group Writing Projects
Collaboration on a group project can get confusing, especially when it involves a writing assignment. It's so difficult to get everyone involved, and one person gets stuck with all the writing. Solve this problem with the help of Google Docs and this step-by-step guide.

How to Form a Study Group
Study groups can enhance any student's performance in the classroom, because they provide a variety of views and strengths. Discover how to form a study group and keep your group on track.

Types of Team Members
Many personality types come together to form a project team. If you're put in charge of a team, you should spend some time thinking about the personalities you'll face. Your charge is to use the strength of each member and minimize the negative factors. At first, choosing individuals for a given position will seem easy: the mathematician...

Form a Club
If you share a strong interest with a group of students or friends at school, you may want to form an academic club. Your specific club rules and structure can be guided by your tastes. This article provides some organizational guidelines.

How to Be a Project Leader
Group projects require clear goals, strong time management, and team cooperation. Learn how to organize a group project and become a strong group leader.

Tips to Motivate Other Students
If you are a group leader or just a very interested and motivated member of a project group, you will have a strong interest in keeping other students motivated. By establishing clear communication practices and a welcoming atmosphere at the start of a project, you will instill interest and pride in each team member.

Working With a Slacker
Trying to work with a slacker? If you are teamed up with a student who is notorious for slacking off, you can't let it get you down. Take some steps to encourage your partner to work.

Ten Ways to Annoy a Teacher
Does classroom behavior impact your grades? It can if your behavior causes distractions or disturbances. Discover the habits that really annoy the people around you.

Scavenger Hunts for Students
You can make study time more interesting with educational scavenger hunts. You and your study group can use this strategy to make learning fun!

Active Study Ideas
Studies show that active study strategies improve learning and retention of material. Get together with your friends and prepare for your next exam using one of these fun study strategies.

10 Signs You Need a Study Partner
If any of these problems seem familiar, you might need to look for a study partner.

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