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Group Project Organizer

Keep Your Group and the Project Under Control!



Keep your group under control!

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We all know that group projects can get out of control quickly. Everyone has different habits and work ethics, and everybody has different ideas about what the outcome of the project should be.

Even worse, sometimes a few members of the group will sit back and let the responsible students do all the work. That is so maddening! This tool will help you keep your group under control and on track.

Use this form or use it as a guideline to create your own.

1. The group should meet and agree upon an overall outcome. For example, if your assignment is to come up with a presentation about Internet safety, a sample outcome would be an agreement to perform a skit.

2. The group should have a goal. A sample goal would be the skit's general message and individual roles of actors and writers.

3. The group should agree on individual tasks and due dates. The project will require many tasks, like building props, writing the lines of the skit, and memorizing lines. Agree on:

  • a. who is responsible for each task;
  • b. when each task should be completed


4. Plan several meeting dates. Make sure every member fills out a form and puts all meeting dates in a planner.

Project Organization Tool

Student Name__________________________ email Phone: Other:
Project Goals:
1 2 3
Outcomes for the Project
1 2 3
Overall Responsibility Due Date_______

Completion Date_________
Task One Due Date_______

Completion Date_________
Task Two Due Date_______

Completion Date_________
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