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Time Management Tracking Chart


Time Management Tracking Chart

Screenshot from Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Corporation Time Management Tracking Chart

Excel Chart Icon

Microsoft Corporation Time Management Tracking Chart

Sample Chart from Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Corporation

You can create charts to observe and track your progress in any endeavor. By tracking how much time you spend studying and doing other tasks, you will be able to determine how much time you're wasting and how much time you spend on productive activities.

Charts are very easy to make.

1. Open a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.

2. You can start in any cell (square). Type in the name of any activity, like watching TV, eating, talking on the phone, or reading. Continue to type activities you want to track in cells--all in the same row.

3. In the cell below each activity, type the number of hours you spent in that activity in a day (or in a single week-whichever time period you decide to track).

4. Highlight the boxes that contain your information.

5. Find the icon at the top of the page that looks like a chart and click on it. You may need to select from several chart options, depending on your version and program.

6. A chart will appear on your screen.

You can make a different chart every day or every week to track your time management habits. Determine if you are wasting too much time watching TV or if you are spending adequate time studying for tests.

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