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Turabian Style Guide


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How to Insert a Footnote in Microsoft Word
Turabian Style Guide

To insert a footnote or endnote:

  1. Make sure your paper is in print layout view as you write. If you’re not sure, go to View and select Print Layout.

  2. Make sure you cursor is placed in the exact spot where you want your note (number) to appear.

  3. In the Insert menu, go to Reference and then click Footnote.

  4. Click either Footnotes or Endnotes (whichever you want to use in your paper).

  5. Once you select either Footnote or Endnote you will create the actual note. Your cursor automatically goes to the place where the note is to appear.

  6. When you finish typing the note you simply scroll back to your text and continue writing your paper.

Formatting and numbering of the notes is automatic in Microsoft Word, so you don’t have to worry about spacing and placement too much. Also, Microsoft Word will automatically re-number your notes if you delete one or you decide to insert one at a later time.

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