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Writing a Book Report

Discover the necessary components for a fabulous book report. Find out what makes teachers happy and discover how to choose the best book for you. Learn methods for summarizing the book and researching support material.
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Symbols and Motifs in Literature
What is the difference between a symbol and a motif in literature? Discover the hidden meaning of objects that appear in your books, and discover the meaning of a motif.

Book Report Timeline
Have you just been assigned a book report? You should know that the work begins weeks before you type the paper.

Sample Book Themes
Many students have a tough time finding the theme of a book. This list provides samples of common themes. Compare these words and phrases to a book you've read lately and see if they match.

How to Write a Character Analysis
When you write a character analysis, you will be expected to describe a characters personality. We get to know characters in our stories through the things they say, feel, and do. Its not as difficult as it may seem to figure out a characters personality traits based on his or her thoughts and behaviors.

101 Common Book Themes
The theme of a book is a universal idea or message that stretches through an entire story. A theme may show up in a pattern (such as reoccurring examples of beauty in simplicity) or a theme may come through as the result of a buildup (tragedy of war). It is often a lesson that we learn about life or people.

Book Report Checklist
Use the book report checklist to create or evaluate your work. Do you have all the elements necessary for a strong paper?

The First Sentence of a Book Report
The first sentence of any report plays a very important role. Your introductory sentence must serve as a hook to intrigue your reader and keep him interested. For many writers, the first sentence of an essay is actually the last sentence written. Its that important!

Rising Action in Literature
The rising action of a plot is the series of events that occur which are building up tension. This tension is a result of the basic conflict that exists and makes the story interesting. Need an example of rising action?

Conflict in Literature
You will find that every storyline involves some kind of conflict. It is a struggle between two forces, but these forces can be either internal (feelings) or external (physical).

What Is Exposition?
What is exposition in literature? The exposition is the part of a book that sets the stage for the drama to follow: it introduces the theme, setting, characters, and circumstances at the storys beginnings. Find more about the parts of a plot.

Point of View
The point of view of a book is the method and perspective for conveying the story.

One-Dimensional Character
In literature, as in life, we often see growth, change, conflict carried out in a single character. The term one-dimensional character in a book review refers to a character who lacks depth.

History Book Review
There are several ways to write a book review, but if your teacher doesnt provide you with specific instructions, you might feel a little lost when it comes to formatting your paper. There is a format used by many teachers and college professors when it comes to reviewing history texts.

Write a Book Report in 10 Steps
Good book reports include the basics, of course. But great book reports answer questions and make assertions. They also involve an analysis of the themes and symbols. This 10-step guide will help you identify and incorporate themes and symbols into your report, to make a stronger, more successful final paper.

Book Themes
Your assignment requires you to find the theme of a book. Everybody else seems to understand, but you don't. What is a theme? Is there more than one right answer?

How to Write a Book Report
Teachers just love to assign book reports. Ever wonder why? Teachers love to read them! They can learn from your work, so choose a topic and write a great paper to make your teacher smile.

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A voracious reader all her life, books have been one of the few constants in Lauren’s life. She currently works as a freelance writer and editor working on fiction, non-fiction narrative and academic projects.

Book Report Checklist
Use the book report checklist to create or evaluate your report. Do you have all the elements necessary for a strong book report?

Motif and Theme
Many students are confused when it comes to understanding the differences between motifs and themes in literature. I think that fairy tales serve well as tools

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