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Readers Respond: Excited or Nervous About Starting College?

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From the article: The Senior Year
Going off to college is exciting! But it can also be a scary thing. Many students worry that they're not prepared for the level of study that will be required. Others worry about fitting in with all those older students. Are you worried about starting college? Or excited about starting your new life? Let us know! Share Your Thoughts!

I'm nervous but at the same time thirsty

I'm starting cuyahoga community college in spring jan 14.... I'm soooo happy and can't wait to knock those classes out!!
—Guest Brittany

Returning to college

I've had a 6 year break from college. During that break I joined the army and I also have a child. I am so nervous and yet excited though. I am doing this to better myself and my family.
—Guest Wendy


I went into the army and after getting out (3 years later) I'm having to begin my life again. I'm going for sonography but after reading peoples comments on the course, fear started to take hold of me and I just can't seem to shake it. No one in my family has been to college, half of them didn't even finish high school (including my parents) I just don't want to fail!!
—Guest Krystal

A little of both!

I am starting school in november for the first time since 2002! Im kind of nervous, but I'm really excited!! I have so many questions, but only time will tell:)
—Guest Tyffani


Ya nervous. I have no idea what I want to study....
—Guest Chase


I dont know whether to go to college in my home town or the state I'm in currently one I'm moving to.
—Guest anonymous

new environment

ive been attending a all female environtment highschool for 5 years now, and ive decided to go to a mixed highschool... so damn nervous!!! :0
—Guest rofle

Sort of nervous

Considering ill be crossing the Atlantic to go to college, im not too nervous. There are times that I get butterflies in my stomach when it comes to fitting in and stuff tho...
—Guest AJ


finally i am getting away from my parents, ex girlfriends and fake people at school
—Guest marcus

In state

I will be about 2 and a half hours away from home. Its a good school and I like it but right now i'm just not excited about college. All im thinking about is graduating from high school already. I wish i were more excited like everybody else.
—Guest Britt


i am nervous even though i wll be close to home(: i really dont know what major i should study...
—Guest karina


Yes, I was ecited going back to College, after 17 or so years. Ican not wait until I see myself more settle with good grades. Thank You for sharing this comments.
—Guest Gloria

Leaving State

It hasn't really hit me yet, but this is the first time I'll be living out of state. I'm excited, but I'm also terrified out of my mind. I've never known anything other than living in this state, and especially never on my own!
—Guest Brittney

In a rush

I am in a rush so I am doing my senior year in 1/2 the time and going straight to college. I am so excited.
—Guest Dani


What if you're undecided with your decisions? I don't know what career I should focus on in college in order to be successful. But someone told me that the best thing I could do to my life is to join in the military because I will definitely have a good future for myself and to my family. But others told me that education is the best way in order to be successful.
—Guest Delaila

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Excited or Nervous About Starting College?

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