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Readers Respond: Great Tips for Saving Paper

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From the article: How to Green Your Homework
Let's save the world! We can cut down on paper waste by sharing our ideas. Do you have a great tip for saving paper? Is your home or classroom going green?

Paper, the guest no more thd host.

Our ancestors used caverns' walls to write their symbols and the beginning of writing. through ages the writing surface, and also the ways, have improved. Remember God has written the TEN COMMENDMENTS on tablets of stone. Then paper come. it wasn't hay to possess a peice of paper. The problem isn't the use of paper. it cannot be for paper is in everything of our life. The problem the origin of paper. we need the trees to fight the greenhouse effect. if we can't stand the global warming we can do without paper. How? stop selling printed documents! let's sell books, magazines, newspapers inelectronic chips. some grams of metal and plastic can save many leaves.
—Guest Anténor Blaise


I like to use the backs of printed paper for rough work and calculations. This is a good way to reuse paper if it is absolutely necessary to print something.
—Guest guest14.5


I see many campaigns to save paper. There are appeals to print only if absolutely necessary etc. On the other hand, I can see there are many opportunities to save paper, which are being ignored. I would cite some as under: 1. Almost everywhere, nowadays online statement, invoices are available for tel bills, water electricity etc. Then why these utility companies are also mailing monthly invoices, statements etc to the consumers? Once you have your invoice etc available on-line, what is the need to have same invoice, statement etc in your mail box also? Imagine saving of paper world-wide. 2. Similarly, almost all bank statements are now available on-line, both for personal & corporate customers. Many banks still continue to also mail these statements. Why? What is the need? There would be literally many such instances where paper can be saved world-wide. Pratap Sawe pratapsawe@gmail.com

save paper

by studing on laptops or digital pads we can surly save paper
—Guest alex

Emailing works!

I think emailing your papers and homework is a wonderful idea because it saves paper and it can never get lost because it would be saved it saves room and it's less of a keeper upper and keeps us well organized email ur home wrk and save the rainforests
—Guest Sslapa26

Product Manager

Print Manager Plus® 2010 Standard -- Every day, millions of Students/people around the world waste tens of millions of dollars needlessly printing documents with no thought to what it costs! If killing all those trees wasn’t bad enough, print manufacturers charge you an arm and a leg for toner and services. Print Manager Plus was created to put you in control of this hidden cost. It’s the simplest and easiest way to audit your printing, period.
—Guest Duane Kirkland

Saving Paper

To make optimal use of the paper I get in my notebooks for school, I tear out the unused sheets from the back of the notebook at the end of the year. Then I just use them as required, or you can also bind them together to create a new notebook.
—Guest guest17


What we should be able to do is instead of writing essays/papers on paper and turning it our teacher/instructor, If it's avalible we could use computers to type the essay/paper and simply send it to the Teacher/Instructor Via:School's emailing service. Many schools have this now a days, and it is very helpful to parents who want to contact their childs teachers/instructors.If we use this than It should save soooo much paper! Just think about it, how many schools have essays almost every other day or every other Period/Class and we need to think about how many students their are in those schools!
—Guest Earth Saver!!

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