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Readers Respond: Have you made an embarrassing or costly test mistake?

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From the article: 10 Common Test Mistakes
Everybody makes a dumb or frustrating mistake on a test sometime. Careless test mistakes can be costly! Have you made a mistake that stands out in your memory?

ACT test "Prohibited behaviour"

I took ACT test today.And admin told me that he reported in my admission ticket that he suspect(he is not sure) that i'd mark the one bubble in answer sheet in section 1,while i was on section 2 on answer sheet(booklet have nothing to do with that),and that rest of the test was regular and he didn't see any signs of something like that by me. My question is,can this influence ACT to reject my test so i they want send me a score?Thanks.
—Guest Luka

Check for clues throughout test

This little trick works well especially for language tests. Lots of times if you come to a question you don't know, mark it and go back later. The later questions might have hidden hints or examples that can help you figure out a question.
—Guest Wibster


Once we had a quiz where we had to label the states on a blank map. It was supposed to be an easy 100, but I somehow labeled North and South Dakota backwards.
—Guest Andrew

Lack of confidence :(

Whenever I have my biology paper (not in case of class test), I go to the college well prepared on the day of the exam but when I get the paper in my hand, my mind somehow, goes COMPLETELY BLANK due to which I become tensed & my handwriting becomes very untidy resulting into bad presentation and loss of marks ! Tell me what to do?

the most embarrasing moment

i got an honors project for the science empossium and i got an f because i did the wrong element always read the directions
—Guest daijaan

Test Mistakes

Often before I take tests or quizzes, I stare at the paper for a while, and then some of the information pops up in my head.
—Guest P

keep track of time

When i took the ACT, the teacheer told us when we were down to 20 mins., 10 mins., and 5 mins.. I still had a few to answer but i figured the teacher would let us know when it was down to a minute, but she didn't. So i missed 5 questions on the ACT because my teacher forgot to tell us at 1 min. til.
—Guest stef-ahh-knee

Eraser marks

My final was using a scantron fill in the bubble sheet and because i didn't erase the bubble completely the scantron reader marked it wrong! always double check your eraser marks
—Guest d

Test Mistake

I was taking my math test and i always write my answers on the test booklet. When it was time to trasfer them I did. I handed in my work and then i realized that I bubbled the wrong number. My teacher didnt let me take it back. Fail
—Guest Rojer Mason


i was taking a test where i had to transfer my answers to another sheet, so i put down all of my answers on the test, but i TRANSFERED THEM ONTO THE PAPER WRONG!!!!!
—Guest peanut butter

Copy the question correctly (math)

I know the method, or how to solve the equation.. but I copied the wrong question, and was only awarded method marks. So, check whether you have answer the correct question..
—Guest 9cool

Question the Answer!

In my last year of college (50 Years of age) I had to submit an essay answer to a question in a Philosophy course. The following week, when the paper was graded, there was a big "C" in red pencil on the front page. Under it the Prof. commented, "your answer had nothing to do with my question." I raised my hand and he asked me what I wanted. I told him I had a question regarding the grade he gave me and the coment he made. The class went silent! He said,"go ahead." "I see it diferently than you do. Your question has nothing to do with my answer." Not a sound. All of a sudden he broke out laughing and said "give yourself a "B". The "Socratic approach paid off.
—Guest G. Peter Duffy


I always make the mistake of mixing up the positive and negative signs when I take a math test. I recommend that you always double check your answers after EVERY test!
—Guest Gonna do better

Line up!

I filled in an answer sheet wrong. Be sure to line up your questions and answers correctly! This is a terrible mistake to make, because you can answer everything right and still get an F!
—Guest Wallace

Misunderstood question.

It's my personal experience and it still occurs rarely! MISUNDERSTANDING THE QUESTION. Read the question slowly and don't rush into answering the question straight away! Sometimes, re-phrasing the question helps! If all else fails, MARK THE QUESTION and move on. Coming back to the question later helps a lot! By the time you come back, your brain will at least understand the question a little better!
—Guest LittleMelon

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