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Readers Respond: Public Speaking Tips

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From the article: How to Write a Speech
Do you have tips for speaking in public? Whether it's a classroom or an auditorium full of onlookers we're facing, public speaking can be really nerve-racking. Your tips may be helpful to others who are facing an audience.

the way you shouldstand and look like

most people get scared or stagefrite but i say scared what you need to do is not look at them in the eyes bad idea that just mackes you more scared so look at there forheads insted thats what helped me and stand strate up not slouch and speack loud allmost like yelling but not qwyet no get out there and win your self a good grade
—Guest onstageant 5612

Dont stress

When it is the day before your speech, don't stress! Maybe practice your speech once or twice, but at the most three times, and once right before the actual speech, and you are good to go.
—Guest allie

Practice Your Speech

When you are talking, think that there is no one else in the room expect for you. This will help you feel better.
—Guest cool kid 2000

never go fast

I find in impromptu speeches that you need to go slow but not that slow but not fast either and it helps if you look up at the audience as well
—Guest v

Know Your Speech

You have to know what you're talking about. Memorizing it and not understanding it has no benefit. If you forget your speech by accident, you will get a panic attack and your speech wouldn't go well.. trust me been there, done that. If you know your speech, you'll be able to some how present it.. because, you know the speech.. =D .. . LUCK!!!
—Guest Nair, V.


Now that's a problem with everyone! I know my speech by heart, but will still be nervous! Here's what I do: Look at your audience Take a deeeeep breath, relax. Know that even if you make a mistake, these people do not care. Trust me, it'll go just the way you planned. perfect :)
—Guest Sushmitha

be your self!

hi my advice is that if you have to give a speech or even state your point of view have faith in your self!tel your self that you can do it and belive me you would!
—Guest amna

If you are nervous...

If you are nervous, try to not focus on that hot guy or sombody you don't like or somebody because it will affect you emotionally and phyically as well 'cause obviously you're the center of attention and everyone is going to begin to wonder, and blah blah blah. You don't want that.
—Guest ME =)

Take a breath, relax:)

First, you have to take a deep breath and relax, keep your mind on the topic you are ready to do your speech on, if your speech is written down great, read through it at least once to make sure you know what your doing, next you must eyeball your audience, if your not comfortable with eye contact, skim the top of their heads, or the wall behind them, do not speak to fast, and also not to slow, do not read, but speak it, read your speech as if you ere speaking to your friends or classmates. Hope this helps.....Good Luck:)
—Guest Sandra:)

look on

If you have trouble speaking in front of people, when you are up there just pretend there is a brick wall between you and the audience.
—Guest kordial


just remember this: that when people say, "break a leg", it doesn't actually mean break your leg. :)
—Guest EHhhem..i would like to announce...


When you are on the stage don't think about other things. Think about the thing you are doing, because, even if you have it memorized, you might start saying, with out knowing what you are doing, what you are thinking.
—Guest an

Know your topic

The better you know your topic, the more comfortable you'll be in front of others. Read all you can about your topic, not just the particular points you plan to talk about. As you read, you should jot down any questions you might anticipate from your audience and be prepared to answer them.
—Guest Frankie


watch for non verbal signs ( blank stares, distracted with something else)

Speech Tips

When speaking don't look at someone directly in the eyes, just scan the tops of their heads. Because if you see someone yawning you'll think you're boring and you'll stop and embarrass yourself.
—Guest Anonymous

Eyeball Your Audience

When you go to the podium/ microphone, gently take a deep breath and 'scan' your audience with your eyes. They will pay better attention if you do, and if you add some humour to the mix, they will be putty in your hands!
—Guest Ellen Fowles

Practice your speech

Practice your speech in front of a mirror or friends. This will help to get really familiar with your topic so you can spend less time trying to recall the speech from memory and focus more on speaking naturally.
—Guest Jack J.

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