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Readers Respond: Public Speaking Tips

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From the article: How to Write a Speech
Do you have tips for speaking in public? Whether it's a classroom or an auditorium full of onlookers we're facing, public speaking can be really nerve-racking. Your tips may be helpful to others who are facing an audience. Share Your Advice!


Look, i know speeches can seem terrifying. but it's only the VERY BEGINNING that's scary! just start it off and go with the flow! be natural! i promise you, even if it seems scary, it will be worth it listening to the applause!
—Guest Just a girl ;)


i have practised before every speech and i will assure ti helps like anything... make sure you practise before hand with other people so you get the feeling with other people(even if it is just your mummy)
—Guest Student councillor


Something that is picked up by your listeners is the tone of voice you use. If you speak in nothing but a flat monotone, everyone will get bored and not listen to you, but if you use a range of tones in your voice, and speak passionately people are going to be interested, even if they aren't interested in your particular topic.
—Guest CJ

What you do when they laugh?

Just swear them in your mind then just carry on with your oral .then the one's who laugh will then look like the fool then you will get good mark/point
—Guest name

Don't Pick any dropoff

do'nt try to pick a paper that fell off while you present your speech even if it is relevant to your presentation. If someone from the audience or an usher noticed and do, well, else keep going.
—Guest Victor Ernest U.

oral communicating

Do not afraid when talking to any one and make ur word to be rich.
—Guest Habib Rabiu


I know how hard it can be to speak in public, especially if you're nervous or you have stage fright. When I had to write and give a speech for the first time it was horrible. I had spoken in front of people before, but they were mostly kids younger than me. I had to give my speech in front of peers that I saw almost every day. My advice to you is to practice, lots, that way when it comes to giving your speech you won't be so nervous.
—Guest Guidance


I aniyah is running for stundent council it is very hard but have a postive attiude because you never know when your friends can get mad at you:) ?
—Guest aniyah

Eye contact

If you need to pause because you are nervous or have forgotten something, pausing while looking at the judge/teacher/audience can be one of the most effective ways to reinforce a point while trying to remember points.
—Guest Elle


When you are reading and trying to make eye contact, pick the people you are going to look at beforehand. You should definitely look at your closest friends in the class the most because they will help you relax. Also look at some random people you never talk to because to be honest you don't care about their opinions, so you'll relax. Don't look at anyone that intimidates you or that you have a crush on. Good luck! ;)
—Guest jane :)

the way you shouldstand and look like

most people get scared or stagefrite but i say scared what you need to do is not look at them in the eyes bad idea that just mackes you more scared so look at there forheads insted thats what helped me and stand strate up not slouch and speack loud allmost like yelling but not qwyet no get out there and win your self a good grade
—Guest onstageant 5612

Dont stress

When it is the day before your speech, don't stress! Maybe practice your speech once or twice, but at the most three times, and once right before the actual speech, and you are good to go.
—Guest allie

Practice Your Speech

When you are talking, think that there is no one else in the room expect for you. This will help you feel better.
—Guest cool kid 2000

never go fast

I find in impromptu speeches that you need to go slow but not that slow but not fast either and it helps if you look up at the audience as well
—Guest v

Know Your Speech

You have to know what you're talking about. Memorizing it and not understanding it has no benefit. If you forget your speech by accident, you will get a panic attack and your speech wouldn't go well.. trust me been there, done that. If you know your speech, you'll be able to some how present it.. because, you know the speech.. =D .. . LUCK!!!
—Guest Nair, V.

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Public Speaking Tips

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